How long have you been in business?

We have been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years (since 1991).

What is a retro-fit replacement window?

A retro-fit window is a window that is custom built to fit inside the perimeter of your existing window opening, without causing any drywall or stucco damage. The beauty of the retro window is that it is much quicker and cheaper than busting out stucco and completely removing your existing window. The construction mess is also greatly minimized.

What is Low-E (Low-Emissivity) Glass?

Low-E is a virtually clear, low-emissivity coating applied to one pane of the dual pane unit. This microscopically thin coating filters the sun’s energy in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter. Additionally, Low-E glass helps to protect carpet and furniture fading by reducing infrared and ultraviolet light.

Do you subcontract your work?

No, our own, factory trained, professional installers perform all window and door installations.

Is there any stucco or drywall damage caused by installation of replacement windows?

No, with the retro-fit window there should be no stucco or drywall damage (assuming stucco & drywall are in good condition).

Do your vinyl windows come in colors besides white and tan?

Yes, we now have 8 premium painted exterior finishes available. All windows with premium exterior finishes have a white interior. Click here for premium exterior finishes.


Will I reduce my utility bill by changing out my windows & doors?

Yes, you should definitely see a reduction in your energy bill and an increase in your comfort while in your home. Click Here for an on-line energy calculator.

How long does a complete home window replacement installation take?

Most standard window installations can be completed in 1 day.

Are you a member of the BBB?

Yes, we are proud to say we have been a member since 1999 and have an A+ rating.

Do you sell windows direct to contractors and homeowners without installation?

Yes, a large part of our business is over the counter sales to contractors and homeowners.

What are the procedures for care and cleaning of vinyl windows?

Please see Milgard window care and maintenance link below.


Garland-Fields Glass Co BBB Business Review