In-Swing French Doors
Enjoy the Beauty of an In-Swing French Door

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French doors are a great way to clearly delineate a variety of interior and exterior spaces, while still incorporating a great view, added light and the ability to easily open or divide two spaces. Since in-swing French doors open in an inward or outward motion, it’s vital that you take the time to research if you will have enough room for the doors to swing freely.

You will also find that these style of doors feature wider stiles and rails than traditional sliding door styles. They are a perfect addition to classic patios and traditional architectural styles and can be easily have added flair with the use of sandwiched grid options or snap-in grids.

  • Materials – It’s important that you begin to research the design of your sliding doors, it’s important to consider their durability and maintenance in regard to where the door will be placed. If the door won’t be in an area where it can be protect by an overhang or awning, it’s important that you consider frame material that is more durable.
  • Operation – Inspect the door to ensure that all seals around the door are tight and that the locks engage properly.
  • Security – thoroughly inspect the doors locking system. Despite the variety of hardware options, the best doors will utilize hardware of higher quality. Make sure that the locks meet or exceed local forced-entry codes.
  • Hinges – Preferably, it is best to select adjustable heavy duty hinges that will easily allow for vertical and horizontal panel adjustments.
  • Energy Efficiency – choose a sliding patio door that is well insulated and that features the appropriate energy-saving glass to help lower the costs of heating and cooling your home.
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